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August 08, 2012

Nobody Move

Sunday morning, I'm sitting on the couch browsing the internet on my iPad. Morgan is cleaning the kitchen. I make it through all my normal stops -- Facebook, my email, blog stuff. Then, I move on to the sites I visit just when I have time -- Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram {follow me for lots of awesome updates}. And still, I move on. Relaxing even.

I hear Morgan moving on too. Kitchen cleaned. I hear him move to the bedroom to change sheets. Start laundry. Wipe down the bathroom.

Anyone see what is missing here?

Oh yeah, Henry. Our clingy, whiny, "I-cannot-possibly-be-expected-to-play-alone-oh-and-give-me-that-iPad-right-now" toddler.

I look up, and there he is placing star shaped rings on their holder.

WHAT?! He's playing happily and quietly by himself. And not being naughty? WHAT?!

Morgan walked in a minute later. We looked at each other and instantly knew -- NOBODY MOVE.

So he went back to cleaning, and I went back to relaxing. Henry eventually moved on to cooking in his kitchen -- happily, quietly.

After over an hour, I had to get up. I had stuff to do before I needed to go work. So, I left the room. Within two minutes, Henry was whining. Then, I heard him climbing the TV stand. I knew our time was over.

But what an amazing hour it was.

Do your toddlers ever surprise you with a moment of peace?

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City Girl Turned Country Mom
How old is he? We have a 1.5 year old and lately have had a few moments of peace here and there and it is fantabulous! He's a cutie!
Katie said…
That's so great! Colin has come to like independent play in the evenings, but I think it's because he's almost overstimulated after being at daycare all day.
Steph @ The Kat Almanac
Nevermind the toddler, how do I get my Brent to clean etc!?!?!?
Mommy Anderson
Mommy Anderson said…
I don't know yet, but I sure am happy for you! :)
Melinda said…
I'm with Steph. Doug needs some training. Lol. On some pretty rare occasions (like 3/4), we get a bit of "holy crap, she's content", but they've never lasted an hour. Maybe 30 minutes. Enjoy it when it happens that what I say. :)
Mary said…
I love quite moments like that. Penny and Ben are finally getting to an age where they are starting to play with each other. They won't let me go anywhere to do anything productive, but as long as I'm there they will play with each other. (and by play I mean take each others toys and hit each other in the head with books... baby steps)
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Ha! Marry a clean freak! Sometimes it has its perks!
Carmen said…
Every rare once in a while, the Wee One surprises me with peace and quiet. It isn't often though! Lol You hit the nail on the head with this one though, if you move and he realizes you are no longer in the room with him, quiet play time is OVER!! :o)
New Follower from GFC bloghop
Kendall Hoover
Kendall Hoover said…
This happens to us occasionally and I always want to go and grab him and tell him how cute he is for playing on his own. Sometimes I just can't resist!
Laura Funk
Laura Funk said…
Oh those peaceful moments! Following from