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May 23, 2012

Weed or perennial?

Gardening has never been my strong suit: example 1, example 2. It's just not something that comes naturally to me. But I do enjoy it, so every year I try my best, hope that I don't kill everything.

We're very fortunate that our current house is beautifully landscaped with a huge variety of perennials that bloom throughout the summer. They are beautiful and for the most part require no work, but there are a couple I'm starting to think don't belong.

Culprit 1:

Weed Evidence: This giant plant is in a tiny area off our front walkway. It doesn't appear to bloom really, sticks around all summer, and grows rapidly.

Perennial Evidence: It came back again this year. Maybe weeds do that too?

Culprit 2:

Weed evidence: It's in an awkward location, near in the way back of a garden where the composting bin used to be. Its the only non-hosta/fern in the entire garden. 

Perennial Evidence: It almost looks like a small bush. Its has much more sturdier branches than I expect a weed to have. 

So any gardeners out there that can help? I don't want to rip them out if they are actual plants, but they both look kinda terrible. What to you guys think: weed or perennial? Keep them or ditch them? 

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Unknown said…
I have NO idea. The first one sort of looks like an actual you-want-it there plant but the secont...I'm not sure. We have a privet hedge in our front garden that is gorgeous and I know it is a weed technically but it blooms its heart out and I am dreading when the hubs pulls it up, as he keeps threatening to do.

Good luck! I love to attempt to garden as well. It goes.