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Toddle Along Tuesday: Sensory Toys

This week's TAT topic is cheap ways to entertain your kids. So I thought I would share our sensory toys that I have made for this week's Tot School. These are just super easy little things, that cost under $1 each to make but have entertained Henry for hours at a time -- and if you know Hen, then you know that's not easy to do.

Sensory Jar: This is part of our upcoming blue week in tot school. Its just an old mayonnaise jar, with some water, glitter, and some different types of pom-poms. Hen loves playing with it. Swishing and shaking it. Watching the glitter fly around.  Its really perfect for any toddler. Plus you can switch up what is inside for a whole new experience once the baby is bored with it!

 To make: Fill old plastic container with some water. Add any variety of interesting objects. Have fun!

Water Beads: These were another huge hit! And also blue to fit with our color theme. I bought the package for about $3 at Michael's Craft store, and used less that 1/4 of the package to make a large bowl of the beads.

Henry, Morgan, and I sat and played with these for over an hour the other day. They are so awesome. I would recommend playing with in a large bin, or the bathtub, cause Henry got so excited they flew all over the place. He loved stepping it them, and having us pour them over his head. He also practiced scooping and dumping with some small blue bowls and funnel.

I cannot wait to use these in our baby pool this summer. The texture was so awesome, I could play with these things all the time. Plus, one batch can last for a week or more if kept out of direct sunlight.

To make: Follow package instructions. Basically, put a small amount of beads in a large bowl of water. Wait 4-6 hours.

Want some other cheap ways to entertain kids? I know I do! Check out all the other blogs linking up:

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I love both of these ideas, great job! I really can't wait to try those beads...they look so cool!!
Amber said…
I've been wanting to try water beads. I didn't know they were so cheap. We're definitely going to have to get some now. These are great ideas.
Caroline said…
those water beads look awesome! I'm totally getting some this weekend!
Katie said…
Fantastic ideas!
Briana said…
I'm a new follower - - found you through the link up! Those are some awesome ideas!! Getting those beads asap!!
kjw said…
Those are great ideas - I'm sure my little munchkin would love the water beads!
MommaM said…
I absolutely love these ideas! I'm going to have to try them with my little guy!
Lindsay said…
I LOVE these ideas! How awesome. I want to try the jar one with Ethan!
Off to Michaels tomorrow! What an awesome idea...thanks :)
Kenner said…
Those water gems look so fun, I've never heard of them before! Do they pop? Are they squishy or firm? I need to keep my eyes peeled for those, because they look like a blast!
They are squishy. They do break open if enough force is applied, but honestly it took a lot. They dont not really pop, they sort of like a firmish gel on the inside, and it all stays together...if that makes sense. It's hard to describe, since they are so unlike anything I've ever played with.

But they are a TON of fun. Im having a hard time not just playing with them on my own!
Unknown said…
We use those beads in flower arrangements and I love to play with them. I just never thought about making them just for Emi. Excellent idea!!
What a cool idea! I've seen those water beads at Michaels before, and I always just want to buy them and play with them myself :) I wouldn't have thought of using them as a sensory activity, but it totally works! It looks like your kids LOVED it! Those would be a blast in a kiddie pool. Hooray for summer!

Thanks so much for linking up at Happy Homemaker Me, too!

♥ Bethany
Andrew Carter said…
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