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May 16, 2012

The Bath. Part 2: A Shower

(Editor's note: In case you missed it, Part 1 of Morgan's blog, can be found here!)


It was also hard to have moments of bonding with a red faced, screaming baby who wouldn’t even look at me. So this lasted about a week or so, during which time both grandmas were able to experience it. My Mom thought that all he needed was a little hugs and cuddling, but it just make him scream more. Nicole’s Mom tried to reason with him saying “Henry, it’s me, Grandma” while trying to give him a bath.

He didn’t care. He knew bath meant bed, and bed meant he would have to stop running wild. After hell week, he did finally get over his bath time screaming routine and we fell back into the happy, relaxing version again.

However, a few weeks ago, my 13 month old decided he no longer wanted to sit down in the bath. He had things to do and places to go. No matter how hard I tried to get him to sit down in the bath, he would refuse. He would just keep standing up, over and over again. It became impossible to give him a bath.

So, I came to the only logical conclusion: my 13 month old is suddenly a grown boy that would prefer to shower. So half-way through a train wreck of a bath I just turned on the shower. He loved it! He couldn’t have been happier. He just stands in the water and lets it run down his face. He also thinks it’s so funny to look directly up at the shower head. This made it so much easier to clean the boy because I could hold him with one hand and soap him up with the other and I would have to worry about rinsing him. So there you go.

For some reason, now that Henry is showering, it feels like the next day we’ll be putting him on a bus and waving goodbye as he heads off to kindergarten. *tear*

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Katie said…
Too cute! Confession: Colin has never experienced a shower! I was always afraid he'd hate it.. but maybe we should give it a try. :)
kjw said…
So cute! I wonder if Andrew would like a shower? We've never tried it, but we do have a shower sprayer that we use on him and he loves to play with it. He also refuses to sit for most of his bath so maybe it's time to try out the shower instead.
Lindsay said…
This is awesome -- I think we might try this tonight instead of fighting Ethan to stay seated in a bath!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
We've been doing this for a couple of weeks now, and have had ZERO complaints from Henry. It's made "bath" time so much easier for Morgan. If you try it, let me know how it goes!