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April 14, 2012

While we were sick

1. I gave Henry a ponytail. For no reason. Don't judge we were at home for pretty much six days straight. Everyone was going stir crazy. 

Yes, camera, of course I wanted you to focus on the  baby-gate exersaucer  instead of the baby. Ugh.
At first, Hen wasn't so sure he liked his new look. But then he realized it was dress up...

2. I stopped cleaning. Like for real. Things got gross. Morgan had to clean. I'm going to pretend like all the laundry is done, and not even post that picture...yikes.

3. I finally picked up Henry's 12 month pictures! I was too cheap to pay for digital copies from the retail giant *cough*Target*cough* so I can't show them all to you. Instead, look at the shelf in my living room for no apparent reason...hint, hint...

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