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April 10, 2012

Tot School Color Red Week

Henry is 12.5 months old.

I've decided to start our tot school with colors. Each week we will focus on one color and our activities will focus around that color (as much as possible).

Our first color was Red!
This week on our activity wall, we still have the old pictures of Henry hanging on the wall. These were not red related. We worked on naming eyes.  Henry could either just point to the eyes in the pictures, or move a small sticker (with little eyes) to the eyes on the pictures. Hen started pointing to the eyes sporadically by the end of the week, so we are working on this week again.

Henry has 3 different tot trays. For every color week we will have one sensory-type bin with all sorts of objects of the color inside. This week the bin had some red foam shapes, some red felt shapes (for his felt board), a red sponge, a couple pipe cleaners, some blocks, and some ball pit balls.

His other tray was Easter themed (no red sadly). He had several Easter eggs to place in and out of a foam egg container. This wasn't his favorite activity, but he played with it some.

The final tray was the word "RED" in a sheet protector. Henry had a red dry erase marker he could use to color the word. This was by far is favorite activity. Henry loved erasing as much as he loved coloring.

Henry's favorite book this week was Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear by Steve Scott. The book wasn't red themed. per se, but the boy in the book wears red clothes, so that was good enough.

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