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April 26, 2012

A camera, a car roof, and a vacation

I made a mistake. Like a big one. I did something I never, ever, ever do.

Well, lets start at the beginning. I went on mini-vacation, to my parents, just me and Henry. We were having an awesome time. Just hanging out..with no plans, holiday, or obligations.

My Mom and I decided to head over to my Dad's office to show off Henry. We were trying to squeeze the visit between Henry's lunch and nap.

We were kinda rushed. As I was putting Henry in the car, my hands were full, so I casually placed my camera and Henry's sippy cup on the roof of my car. I put Henry in his car seat. We drove off.

By the time we took the first turn, we heard the sippy cup go flying. We figured, eh. It was just the sippy. No biggie. It wasn't until we were across town I realized I left my camera up there too.

We rushed back. But it was gone. Stolen, lost, whatever. No evidence of it anywhere.

Bye Camera. I'll miss you.

I was/am devastated. We lost some pictures, but thankfully most of the good ones have been blogged. But a new camera, is going to be tough on our budget. So for the time being, its cell phone pictures only. I apologize in advance.

And...lesson learned. Don't EVER, ever put anything on the roof of your car.

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Katie said…
Oh noooo! I'm so sorry :( We had a camera stolen when we were first married, and it had all our honeymoon pictures on it. I was so upset. I'm glad you had blogged some photos, though, and didn't lose all of them!
Lindsay said…
Oh noooo!!!!! :( :( I'm glad at least some of the photos were blogged! I totally left my Blackberry on the hood of my car and drove off didn't survive. :(

I noticed Henry's Bumbleride! We have the Flyer, but in orange. At first I loved the orange, but now the more I see the color you have, the more I love it.
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
OMG! I LOVE my Bumbleride!! I thought long and hard about the orange. Both colors are pretty awesome!!