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March 25, 2012

We are not the 95%

We are not the 95%. See 95% of babies outgrow their acid reflux by their first birthday. Not Hen....not even close.

Its been 5 months now since I've dedicated a post to Henry's reflux. At that point, Henry was placed on his current regiment of medication -- two 15mg adult capsules of Prevacid per day mixed into his food. 

As his first birthday approached, Morgan and I were really excited to try to wean Hen from his medication. Things were looking really good. Hen was only spitting up about every other day, and was sleeping through the night. He had zero signs of pain.

We started with his morning dose, hoping that if all went well we could get him off the medication completely. After only a couple days on just one dose Henry started waking 4-5 times a night screaming in pain, spitting up all day long, and was much much crabbier. 

So, he went back on the twice a day dose, and immediately all the new symptoms stopped. 

Ugh. For once, I just want to write an update on Hen and have the problem be resolved. I'm so sick of dealing with reflux and the never ending barf. I'm guessing Hen is pretty over it too. There is also the anemia  issue /side-effect which isn't really getting any better (post on this soon). Plus, the ickiness factor. I hate giving my tiny baby so much medication; it just seems...unnatural. 

But for now there is nothing we can do. We will give weaning another try in a couple months. 

And because Morgan said an update on reflux is super boring, here's a new, and completely non-reflux related, picture of Hen to spice it up.

Also, sorry if this is really boring.

Can you spare a click? I swear its easier than trying to force feed a one year old medication twice day...

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