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Clean Food Challenge: Days 2 & 3

I knew from the beginning I would have to be flexible with this challenge. I'm under doctors orders to eat as many calories as possible right now to curb some very unintended breast feeding related weight loss.  As Morgan says, I'm on the "stuff your face" diet. These last couple days on the challenge, I haven't eaten nearly enough. I know it is possible to eat clean and also get a lot of calories. I have realized that it takes serious planning. Planning that I, for some reason, didn't take into account when I agreed to this challenge. 

I just planned my week like I normally would, which meant planning for dinner. Then, eating whatever snacks were on sale this week. Well, turns out none of those snacks are real food. They are high in calories, but seriously low in nutrition and "real food." This makes me kind of sick feeling. I've never thought about the amount of total crap I'm feeding myself, or how that is effecting how I feel over all. 

In the word's of Oprah, when you know better - you do better. I want to do better. (That was Oprah, right?) Who wants to help me? Fellow bloggers, readers, anyone. Please recommend some healthy, high calorie snacks. It would be a serious bonus if they were quick, easy, and cheap. I'll be planning my meals, and snacks, for next week tomorrow for my shopping on Monday. 

Without further ado, my meals.

Day 2's Meal: Lunch 

I had leftovers for lunch yesterday. Leftover homemade burritos. Since it was leftovers I don't have a pretty picture to show you. But they were made using ground beef, beans, rice (with lime juice and cilantro), green peppers, and a little salsa. Instead of using a tortilla, I used organic blue corn and flax seed chips from Target to  scoop up the mixture. We make this meal quite frequently around here, and I love it!

Today's Meal: Dinner

Today I had intentions of making some homemade egg-rolls for dinner. But its Saturday, my sister came for a visit, and things got busy. Hence, no one thought to take the chicken out of the freezer. Oops. We racked our brains for the most "clean" take out option. And I think we did a darn good job. We picked up from Punch Pizza. If you live in the area, seriously, check this place out (if you haven't already). Its great. Quick, cheap. Plus, its freshly made with quality ingredients. 

Pizza is always hard for me now, since I can't eat dairy. But after almost a year without cheese I'm almost getting used to it. Here is my pizza: sun-dried tomatoes, sausage, basil, and onions! Delicious!

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Mary Horowitz said…
Anytime I need more calories, my go-to are lactation cookies. You can google for the most common recipes; I tweak them since my son is dairy intolerant. But they're delicious, and also have good breastfeeding foods like oats, brewer's yeast, and flax seed in them.
Good call on the chips instead of tortillas, I just posted about that on day 2 I think, I can't find any good tortillas without junk in them. As for snacks, I've been eating a ton of fruit and lots of peanut butter on real bread as a snack. I also am going to pick up some Larabars at the grocery today- they have tons of varieties and it is all real food.

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