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March 19, 2012

12 Months Old!

Well, its official. Henry is a year old. No more whining about my baby getting older. Now he's just old to begin with. But at least he is still tiny. We just got back from his 12 month check up, and in the doctor's words he is "perfect" and "very advanced." Yay!! This morning he was 28.5" long which is 18.3% for his age, and he was 20lbs 3 oz which is 13.6% for his age. So, he's small. He still wears size 3 diaper, and wears mostly 6-9 month clothing (he is just starting to move into12 month).

This month Henry has continued to sleep great! He sleeps around 10:30-11:00 hours a night and takes two 1:15-1:30 naps per day (that is until last week, when he started fighting naps, I'm hoping its just a phase). This month he has completely stopped eating purees, except to take his reflux medication with. Reflux is going to get its own update soon -- promise. Henry is also still nursing, but we are now going to start to wean -- also getting it's own post soon.

Henry has been acting much more like a toddler. He's pushing carts, strollers, and big toys. Arranging his toys in groups. Climbing everything! And of course, he has the attitude to match. Tantrums, crying, hitting, pinching, and biting are all part of our daily routine.

Playing in Aunt Ashley's boots.
Aunt Ashley!


This month, Hen is obsessed with all things Elmo. He loves seeing him on TV, in coloring books, on his socks, anywhere. Hen also loves to pretend to chat on the phone. He will walk all around the house holding his cellphone up to his ear, just like Mama and Dada. Henry's favorite toys this month have been any type of ball or block, his baby doll, books, and his new play kitchen.

Another art failure - ice cube paint. Not a fan.

Henry continues to talk up a storm. His doctor said he was advanced and that he is in the 18-20 month range for verbal communication. Right now he can say: doggie, Lexi (so far Nettie is just called doggie), baby, banana, apple, Opa, hot, puff, up, I love you, Mama, Dada, and hi. He also can sign milk, all done, more, Mama, Dada, and please. He can also shake his head yes or no when you ask him questions.

Putting together his play kitchen - his birthday gift from us.

Kissing his baby.
Most perfect picture! 
Well, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to continue these monthly updates or if I will spread them out now. I have to think about it. But wow, I still can't believe its been a year. Henry is just amazing.

Last picture taken before his first birthday!

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Lindsay said…
Happy birthday, Henry!!!