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February 11, 2012

POTW - Sixlets style

Morgan won, by a mile! Obviously, I don't know who the one person that voted for me was, but I thank you (haha - just kidding - please don't just vote for me each week - Morgan will stop playing). Morgan brought this pack of Sixlets home for me as a surprise one night. He and I both have a love affair with these little candies, and actually spent the better part of one of our few post-Henry dates searching for a bag of these to share. It was really sweet of him to bring them home, and I'm sad to say they are long gone.

The new pictures are up. Check them out, and vote away!

And while you are voting for things, I'll ask if you could vote for The Kavanaugh Report on Top Mommy Blogs! We have been slipping a little the past few days. Remember you can vote every day, so vote often. All it takes is one click!

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