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February 09, 2012

A Cheerios Incident

Its never a good sign when Henry is quiet. Well, we recently had one of those "moments."

Now that Henry is getting older I try and give him a little more freedom. I gate off any non-safe areas but give him the run of the rest of the house. Most of the time, I follow him from room to room. But, while I cook dinner I try to let him wander on his own and check in on him every couple of minutes.

Henry really seems to love this "free" time and usually wanders between his bedroom and the kitchen bringing books and toys back and forth. This night, Hen was being unusually quiet. So, I walk into the hallway to check on him. Somehow, Hen had broken into our pantry, stolen the box of Cheerios, pulled out the bag, and dumped a good portion of them all over the place. 

He was just sitting there eating them off the floor...yummy. At least I had three willing participants to help with the clean up!

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Erin Dunaway
Erin Dunaway said…
Almost this exact same thing happened at our house! Thank goodness for dogs, huh?!
I love the picture of the cheerios on his feet, doesn't seem to bother him any!