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February 24, 2012

Anatomy of a Tantrum

Henry has always been the king of meltdowns. That is no secret. I happened to be taking some pictures of Henry playing with his new wipes toy when he had a tantrum. I just kept clicking away. These pictures were all taken within a 3 minute time frame. 

Henry happily playing. Not pictured, he found a wrapper and tried to eat it. I took it away from him. Henry's doctor suggests ignoring the tantrum. So I just watch it unfold.

Tantrum begins. His arm is reaching out to smack me.

The shrieking starts...

and continues.

Now the crocodile tears. Hen can turn these on and off at will.

Henry notices his new toy again. All crying and tears stop immediately. He goes back to playing, as if nothing happened.

Welcome to my life, these happen probably 15 times a day. He's going to be a joyful toddler.

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Katie said…
hahaha! I'm sorry, but I have to laugh. Colin is perfecting his crocodile tears too, especially at 4 in the morning when he wants some extra playtime with mommy!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Ha, I have to laugh to keep from going insane!

The crocodile tears are just so much. I try not to laugh to his face, but its hard to keep it in sometimes.
Lindsay said…
I love this so much -- Henry and Ethan MUST be the same baby! This post so much is my little guy, right on down to the "toy? What toy?" indifference when I give him something new!
MamaViking said…
Wyatt has been doing this, too. If you take anything out of his hand- anything- he flips out. It's worse when he's tired. Crocodile tears, breathless crying, purple face... I usually try to just ignore it , but sometimes I can't help laughing. Maybe Wyatt and Hen can get together and see who can bring on the fattest crocodile tears. :P