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January 10, 2012

Just Two Little Pieces of Business...

Here are two random thoughts I'll just go ahead and throw in one blog post. You know I'm all kinds of busy and stuff. I kid, I kid. But for real, they are random and not really related so 1. 2. 3. go...

1. New Picture of the Week photos are up! The last set was a tie, so lets not let that happen again (I need a win people - hehe)!  We are doing an Instagram theme this week. We don't have iPhones, so these were taken with our iPad, hence the really terrible photo quality. Bottom line. Vote away.

...wait so halfway through writing this I figured out how these are related. Voting! Its all coming together now, folks, its all coming together now...

2. The Kavanaugh Report is now listed at Top Mommy Blogs! TMB is a website that ranks mom blogs. In order to move up in the rankings, I just need you to click on the "Vote for Us" button! That's it, simple as pie. You can vote every day, so come back and vote often.

So, I guess this post should have been titled "If you aren't a Republican in New Hampshire, and You Still Feel Like Voting Today..." Anyway, I'll just say it again, vote. Then come back and do it again tomorrow!

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