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December 02, 2011


Finally, I have a chance to update on Thanksgiving! After last year's excitement, it was nice to just enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving break. It was our year to be with Morgan's family, so we went down to Eau Claire and enjoyed the nice long weekend.

"Reading" with Jocelyn.

Thanksgiving day was awesome. Morgan's parent's house was packed with people. I think 22 or more people. Several of his aunts came with their families, along with all of Morgan's siblings and their families. There was amazing food, most of which I could only look at. Did you know there is pretty much butter in everything at Thanksgiving?

Expect more pictures of this outfit...its the Thanksgiving/holiday card/Christmas outfit - we will get our money's worth!

Henry loved all the people, and showing off his "tricks." Read..."How big are you Henry?" ::SO BIG:: He also loved his first tastes of turkey, cranberry jello, and gravy. 


 Fun times were had by all! And it made me even more excited for Christmas!

First Thanksgivings! Obviously it require matching bibs! So cute!

First taste of turkey! Hen's dinner was turkey with gravey, butternut squash, peas, and a tiny bit of cranberry jello!

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