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November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! We had a fairly uneventful one. Henry was a total nightmare yesterday; I guess he wanted to be a monster. ::insert fake sympathy laugh:: So, we didn't do much.


Over the weekend, Morgan, Henry, and I went to a neighborhood Halloween party where we showed Henry off to all the neighbors. Henry was dressed as Zubels, his pirate friend. He loved the attention, and oddly enough was very interested in all the costumes. I thought he would be scared, but nope. Adults in full gorilla suits, no big deal!

Henry did have an eye patch, but he pretty much refused to wear it.

Since all the neighbors had seen Hen at the party, we did not to go trick-or-treating. Plus, we don't need anymore candy here for us to eat. We stayed home, took way too many pictures, waited for the crowds, and enjoyed our annual bowl of Halloween chili.

Henry "pillaging" the dog food.
Most of the pictures look like this. Baby headed in the direction of the fire, Nettie doing her own thing, and Lexi patiently waiting to be able to go back inside.

We did get 100 percent more trick-or-treaters than last year, one whole group. That's right, we sprang up from zero to one! At least this year we hadn't bought three giant bags of candy.


The oddest thing about last night was the adult with the group was also trick-or-treating. She wasn't dressed up, but just held out a bag. I gave her candy just to get them moving on their way, but really!? I wanted to scream "Lady, go buy your own candy." Its one thing to have a baby or something and go around. But just as an adult? It was really weird. I feel scammed.


Anyway, it was a great night, and it made me really look forward to next year when Henry can participate a little more! Oh, and sorry for the photo dump, like I said, we took way too many pictures and I couldn't decide between them.

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