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November 09, 2011

Happy 2 years Toy Foxie!

As of yesterday, it has been officially 2 years since Lexi was adopted! I hardly remember a time before her. Lexi is now my second (well, kinda my first) baby. Lexi is a constant source of joy, and I would have a very hard time without her in my life.

She has truly blossomed into the sweetest little dog. When we first got her, she was just so shy, timid, and clearly had struggled with some abuse. I think most (and I mean most, not all, because she still jumps at the sound of a spray bottle - what kind of sick people use that on a puppy?!?) of her abuse issues have been forgotten about. We can discipline her without her peeing, she's much less destructive, and is doing better when left alone.

We still have issues with her. And sadly her kennel is back in in our lives. But let's not focus on that. Let's talk about the fact that she will sit and play with Henry forever. Or the fact that when I take a dog toy away from Henry, Lexi will go get it and bring it to him again (even if that means scaling furniture in another room). Or that Lexi is amazingly happy whenever we walk into a room or come home. Or that, I can do things like leave a cookie on the couch, leave the room, and its still there when I come back (granted she did think about eating it - she actually grabbed it and moved it to her kennel, but didn't actually eat it)!

The bottom line is she is an awesome dog. I'm so glad that Morgan and I decided on a random Saturday morning in November to head over to the Animal shelter. I'm glad she had been shipped from Oklahoma to us. And I'm so glad, that despite the seemingly terrible timing, we bit the bullet and adopted her. Our family wouldn't be complete without her. Happy 2 years Lexi, we love you!

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