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November 16, 2011

First Ouchie

Henry slaps at the "baby in the mirror" all the time, he just thinks its so funny to try and grab his imagine. I should have seen this coming, but I didn't. We were looking at the mirror on our bedroom door, a mirror that is dangerously hanging out of its frame...a mirror that is being thrown away tonight. In the blink of an eye Henry reached out to slap it, and grabbed it edge.

I thought to myself, "woah, that's dangerous" and moved him back. But the damage was done. There was already blood everywhere. I was calmer than I expected myself to be in that situation. I grabbed a baby wash cloth and applied pressure. The blood kept coming and coming and coming and coming! It took me 45 minutes to get it to stop!

In the end, I was covered in blood, Hen was covered, the floors covered, and the wash cloth was soaked. But Henry was fine! It looks like he sort of peeled the skin off of the pad of his index finger. It not deep, but pretty big for the size of his finger. I feel terrible.

When it came time to get a band-aid on his finger, I went to our box in our medicine cabinet. And what do I find? Well, one of those huge "" band-aids, and about 10 of those "" band-aids.Way to be prepared. So I cut that giant band-aid up, and fashioned a sort of strip, which worked for all of three minutes.

Henry didn't cry for one second of the whole mess. He was oddly fascinated with the blood. He's not very happy the fact that it now hurts when he bites his finger,or that it bleeds at the slightest touch. But he'll live. And I'll live, and buy more band-aids, and throw out that *white* washcloth...

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Kim Chodorowski
Kim Chodorowski said…
Oh no poor Henry!!! I'm so glad he's ok...that third picture really gave me the heeby jeebies. Extra kisses for Henry tonight!!