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November 02, 2011

Finding Coupons

Since I started couponing a few months ago, the most commonly asked question I get is "Where do you find your coupons?" And honestly, there is no one answer. I will say that I have three main sources of coupons.

Newspapers: If you are serious about saving money with coupons, I recommend getting a Sunday paper. Without it, you're going to be spending a lot of time searching for coupons. The nice thing about the paper is you can get as many copies as you want. Personally, I choose to get two Sunday papers, one from each major newspaper here. This way, I get two copies of the coupons, plus any special coupon that one paper might have over the other. The downside to the paper, is you do have to pay for it. But I pay a couple of dollars per week, per paper, and if I even use a few coupons I have more than made up for this expense.

Online Databases: The internet is obviously an awesome resource when it comes to coupons. All you have to do is Google "coupons" and you will get more information then you will know what to do with. But, I do have a few favorite websites that I use to find coupons. These sites will usually have a database where you can find the current coupons, and where you can print coupons off. The nice thing is that these coupons are free (with the exception of paper and ink). The downside is you usually can only print one or two copies of each coupon off per computer, so your limited as to how many you can get. My favorite websites right now are:
Facebook: Most people are surprised to learn that Facebook is actually a great source of coupons, especially if you are looking for a particular brand. All you have to do is search for a particular brand on Facebook, and "like" it. A lot of time the manufacturers will have coupon offers listed on their page, or they will from time to time offer special coupons to their fans. But, act fast with these coupons. There is generally a print limit and once a certain number of people have printed them, they will be gone.

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