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November 11, 2011


Morgan and I have been looking for things to keep us busy now that the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and its dark by 5. Well on Wednesday, we decided to take advantage of a coupon I'd clipped and head to the Aquarium at the Mall of America.

It was Henry's first trip to an Aquarium, and Morgan and I haven't been in years. We had a great time. Henry loved looking at the fish - which we already knew, since he loves the ones at his doctor's office. These were just much much bigger, like, that's going to eat me without chewing big.

A jellyfish!

If you've never been to the Aquarium at the Mall, its pretty cool. You actually go through the exhibits in a tube, and the water surrounds you on all three sides. Its amazing. Until you hit the shark area. Then I had a heart attack. There are giant sharks that swim directly above, and next to you! The giant teeth just float by...

Look at those teeth! Eek.
This is what you walk through. Pretty awesome.

It was a wonderful experience! I'm looking forward to more of these types of outings. We made it through the entire thing without a single breakdown, and we didn't go stir crazy in the house all evening! It was seriously the type of outing I've been looking forward to since I first found out I was pregnant.

This was in the Minnesota waters exhibit too! I'll be thinking about that next time I go swimming!

Basically, life is good.

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