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October 28, 2011

Picture of the Week/Photo Challenge

Hey, remember the ill-fated timed Picture of the Week challenge? No, because it was super short lived...oh yeah. That's right. It only lasted two weeks. Somehow, it didn't work out while studying for the bar/having terrible morning sickness. Go figure...Well, I'm bringing it back! And this time its getting its own page! With big pictures! But I need your help for it to work. I need you to vote on the poll found on the right-hand side bar!

For those of you that really don't remember, or who are new to The Kavanaugh Report, Picture of the Week is a competition between Morgan and I. Every week we each submit a cell phone picture (found on the Picture of the Week page) that we have taken during the previous week. Then you, the readers, vote for the picture you want to hear more about, or that you think is the funniest, or the best, or just vote for your favorite blogger (hint hint). Every Friday a winner will be declared! The winner gets bragging rights around the house - and blog! The winning picture will also have a blog post dedicated to explaining its context/background/whatever.

I also wanted to mention that starting November 1, I'm going to be participating in the 30 Day Photography Challenge, hosted by my friends Kim & Melinda. Every day there will be a theme, and everyone participating will submit a picture taken that day based on that theme. It should be a fun, and creative thing for me to try and do each day. If you're interested in participating (the challenge is open to anyone) click the button below for more information! So, look for posts on the challenge starting next week!

And, remember to vote on the picture of the week!

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