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September 07, 2011

September Blues

Guys, guys, its September..its after Labor Day...the days are getting shorter...days are getting life is falling appppppppppart...summer's all over...winter will be here...I'm pretty sure its snowing outside right now...

Alright, that's a tad dramatic, but its how I'm feeling. Truly, I am feeling really depressed that summer is winding down. That we have to start gearing up for the long road to spring. But Morgan said I cannot be depressed yet, so instead of writing a long post about all the reasons I hate winter, how terrible it is, how awful Minnesota can be, and how much I want to move - I'm going to force myself to think of some good things about this change in season.

So here it is...a list of things I like about the cooler weather...
  1. Our energy bill should be A/C, no heat.
  2. We wont have to mow our lawn as often.
  3. The trees look pretty.
  4. Henry has some cute warm outfits that I want him to wear before he gets too big.
  5. I like wearing a sweater now and then. 
  6. It probably wont snow for another month.
  7. No one will make fun of me for being so pasty.
That's it. Its seriously all I've got. I've thought about this list for the last 2 days. Seriously, guys. This sucks. "I'm just tired. The days are short. I don't know. Maybe I'm depressed."

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