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September 23, 2011

Early Fall Weather...Where are you?

Seriously, where is the early fall weather? You know what I'm talking about. The 70's. The kind of weather where you can wear t-shirts and jeans. If winter has to come, can't it at least do it slowly?

This week has been stuck in an mid-October rut. Its been cold, rainy, windy. Blah. If you thought I wasn't ready for fall...then you know, I really really wasn't ready for late fall. I kinda like those days of fall where the sun still feels warm, and you can be outside and not freeze.

But, here I am, on the first official day of fall bundled up...and I hate it. Its even too cold for the dogs to want to be outside.

Bottom line. Come back early fall weather. And happy first official day of fall. (I'll just be in the corner crying until winter's over).

PS: I know this is an annoying post about the weather...Its true, everyone in Minnesota loves to talk about the weather. Its a sickness, and I've caught it.

PPS: Yes, I'm labeling this "Winter" - that's how I categorize everything that isn't summer. And I hate it.

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