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September 19, 2011

6 Months Old!

Henry is 6 months old! Happy Half Birthday Henry!! It is so amazing to be this little boy's Mama. I cannot express how amazing he is, or how much I love him.

In a funny high chair. He loved the shiny metal tray.
Henry loves to watch Morgan mow the lawn.
Life with Henry is finally getting easier. He is having more and more happy days and fewer meltdowns. Morgan and I were just saying to each other that we finally feel like he is not always on the edge of a meltdown when we are out and about with him.

This month has been a really busy one around here. This month Henry has continued to grow and has gotten huge. We now call him a "sack of potatoes" because he is just a thick, strong baby. Today at his doctor appointment he weighed 17 lbs 3 oz and was 27 inches long! He wears mostly 6-9 month clothes, but some 9-12 month clothes. He is moving to size 3 diapers this week.

Henry is making Lexi look really small again.
Developmentally, Henry is learning so much everyday. He has gotten steadier with sitting and can sit for long times. He now knows how to move from sitting to a semi-crawl position and does a sort of army crawl all over the place. He is starting to get pretty quick and always figures out a way to get where he wants to go. He has even pulled himself up to standing a couple of times. Some of his favorite things to do, are bouncing/jumping in his jumper, playing in the exersaucer, watching the dogs play, and swinging in the swings at the park. He also loves to drop toys and watch them fall, to bang his hands and toys against stuff, and to rip up paper.

Henry is learning how to use a sippy cup. He gets it for "dessert" if he finishes his solids.

Another great thing that happened this month was that Henry started saying "Mama." :-) It so great! I love it. It just warms my heart. So far he has not said "Dada," but I'm sure it will be any day. Poor Morgan wishes he would. Henry also started regularity eating solids this month. He is doing wonderfully with it. So far he is not a huge fan of fruit (he hated bananas and peaches) but he LOVES green beans and sweet potatoes.

He moved himself under the exersaucer and played this way.
I don't want to talk about sleeping - lets just say, I'm not getting much.

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