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August 13, 2011

Summertime Fun: Zoo!

Last weekend we took Henry to the zoo for the first time. We went to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory which was great.

Henry really liked the Conservatory. I knew he would since he loves being outside and loves warm weather. He particularly liked the water features. If Hen could have it his way, we would have spent a lot more time there. He was pretty mad though, that, I wouldn't let him destroy touch all the flowers.

Henry staring down the empty stroller - his nemesis - I had to wear him for all of the trip.
Next we went out to the zoo. Henry wasn't actually that impressed with the animals. He did love all the children and the tall grass around the outdoor exhibits. But after about 10 min he promptly fell asleep. It was a really great trip and made Morgan and I excited to go back when Henry actually has an interest in the animals.

Henry "met" a real Sophie!

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