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August 06, 2011

Dining Out: Rules We Live By (Part 3)

The last three Rules!

(4) Tipping Rules

I will tip 20-25%. I worked in the service industry for a lot of years, and know how important those tips are to the servers. I will not stiff someone on their tip to save money. However, it’s also not that hard to work in the service industry either. There are genuine excuses for poor service (the place is packed) for which I am fine with. But some servers are just terrible, for which I have no sympathy. The tip is not automatic. I do think that 15% represents “average” service, 20% “good” service, 25% “great” service, and 10% “poor” service. If it was so bad that even 10% isn’t warranted, then it’s all or nothing, 10% is the lowest amount. I have left no tip on several occasions.

(5) The Favorites List Rule

Not many restaurants can make it to the Favorites List and avoid the Branch Out Rule. However, there are some places that we love enough to make the list. Typically a place on the Favorites List is not very expensive. The List includes: The Uptowner CafĂ©, Cheeky Monkey Deli, Cecil’s Deli and Pizza Luce’.

(6) The Pasta Rule

Restaurants love when people order pasta because of its high profit margin. Which is why Nicole refuses to pay for pasta. Pasta is cheap and most of the time, it all tastes the same. There are only a few places worth eating pasta, I think. La Grolla in St. Paul among them.

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