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July 30, 2011

Cory Returns

Last Friday, Morgan's younger brother Cory came home to visit! He is in the Army and currently stationed in Bamberg, Germany so visits are few and far between. Cory flew in late Friday night to MSP from Georgia where he had been for a few weeks at an Army Airborne school. He then stayed the night with us, before we drove him down to Eau Claire for his couple weeks of leave.

Cory and Henry met for the first time!
Jocelyn still fits into the Bumbo seat, she thought it was the perfect place to read.
Morgan, Henry, and I stayed Saturday night with Morgan's family after spending the day visiting with Cory and all the Eau Claire family. (Morgan and I also took this free babysitting opportunity and went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - which was amazing, awesome, and basically everything I hoped it would be for the last 10 years!)

Kavanaugh Family! All together finally!
Morgan left Eau Claire on Sunday, but Henry and I stayed with my family until Tuesday. It was Morgan's first real night away from Henry (and therefore his first solid nights of sleep in four months - I'm pretty jealous about that - but honestly there is no way I could leave Henry for a night at this point, even if he wasn't breastfeeding - I'm having a hard enough time with the idea of him sleeping in his own room - but I digress). Hen and I just hung around my parents house. It was pretty uneventful; I got my teeth cleaned, ate all the local Eau Claire specialties (haha - read - I went to Kobe's Japanese), and celebrated my Mom's birthday. But that was it, which was nice, since most of our trips are so scheduled and busy.

Henry also met my cousin Jeff. Jeff was less than thrilled to be holding a baby - Henry got him back for the awkward hold, he barfed on Jeff a couple minutes later. Haha.
Henry was playing with the newspaper and his hands, feet, and face were black from the ink. He wasn't happy that I took it away from him.
Having a conversation with Grandma.

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