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June 13, 2011

Things I Love...Month 2

Manhattan Baby Winkle: I bought this colorful little toy at a consignment sale not knowing anything about it. Turns out it was a great find! It's a popular teething toy, which is handy since Henry is teething early. But it's more than a simple teether. It's also an interesting lightweight rattle, which is very easy for little hands to grab on to. In fact, this was one of the first toys Henry grabbed by himself, and the first toy he can grab with two hands and bring to his mouth.


Moby Wrap: When I was pregnant I never considered getting a wrap. I thought they were dangerous looking and complicated. Instead I got a Baby Bjorn (which Henry doesn't really like) and called it a day. Flash forward to today, and I love love love my Moby wrap. The Moby was first suggested to me by the nurse at our pediatricians office when they diagnosed Hen with colic. I took her advice when I realized I was getting nothing done during the day while Henry was screaming and refusing to be put down. The Moby did take some getting used to, and took several tries to learn how to quickly tie it and to safely put Hen in and take him out. But once I got the hang of it, its been easy, convenient, and comfortable. The only downside is that the fabric is so heavy that it's quite warm when you wear it, which is hard in the summer.

Moby Wrap.
Diaper Genie: Before I wrote this, I asked Morgan what his favorite baby product was and he quickly said "the diaper genie." When I asked him why, he simply responded, "Can you imagine how stinky our house would be?" And he's right! I can imagine; babies downright smell. But I have two problems with the diaper genie. One, it's pretty small and I feel like it always needs to be emptied. Two, the replacement bags are expensive. But with that said I've never smelled the diapers.

We have the Diaper Genie II Elite. And no I didn't make Henry take a picture with it!

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