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June 01, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Yay! It's finally summer, at least unofficially. Morgan and I celebrated by going on our first overnight trip with Henry. We went to Eau Claire for the entire weekend and had a great time.

Hanging out at Ama and Bumpie's house!
First big smile captured on camera!
Friday night we spent at Morgan's parents house. Henry wasn't to thrilled with sleeping in a new environment, and was even less thrilled we put him in a real crib (at home he sleeps in the bassinet part of his pack n play). He didn't sleep well at all, and got so angry that he moved so much in the crib he smashed his head against the rails of the crib. Saturday, we spent the day hanging out. We got to see Renee and Jocelyn, and later in the afternoon Adam, Angie, and baby Elliot came down from the cities. It would have been a great day, had Henry not decided he wasn't going to nap. He only slept 2.5 hours from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. Which of course made for a VERY crabby baby.

Elliot and Henry playing. Henry - 10 weeks, Elliot - 4 weeks.
They have the same size feet!
Ama and the baby boys.
Saturday and Sunday we spent the night at my parents. By then Henry adjusted from being away from home, and slept much better in the pack n play at my parents. We had a great day on Sunday. My brother Max was in Eau Claire from New York. He got to meet Henry for the first time, and took Henry's 2 month pictures. Then my Mom, sister, Henry, and I went to the mall. It was Henry's first time, and he happily slept through the entire trip. In fact he slept most of Sunday. He took two 3 hour naps and still slept great that night. Sunday evening we went to our friends' Dana and Paul's for dinner. We had a great time seeing them, their little girls, and our friends Jessie and Brett and their baby Weston.

Auntie Ashley and Henry.
Max and Mom.
4 siblings together!
Uncle Maximillian! Henry liked his tattoos!
Monday we just hung out before returning home. Sadly, the weekend ended way way to fast. But hey, were only 4 days away from the next one! But yay for long weekends, yay for warm weather, and yay of course summer!
Finally a sleepy baby!

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