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May 15, 2011


This is Zubels. Hen's new friend.
Henry recently discovered toys. It started with the mobile in his crib, then the elephant on his play mat, and now finally Zubels. Zubels is a knit rattle pirate with red hair and a peg-leg. The name "Zubels" is actually the name of the company that makes the toys, but I liked the name and it sounded fitting for a ginger pirate with one leg!

Hen loves to just hug Zubels
For the last couple weeks, Zubels has not left Henry's side.
From the moment I showed Hen Zubels, Hen flashed him a huge smile and was hooked. Since then, Zubels has never failed to make Hen happy! I have a feeling Zubels and Henry will be best friends for the next few months. That is unless the dogs, who are also very into Zubels, make "friends" with him first.

This was NOT posed. Henry did this on his own. Seriously, I'm in love with this little pirate!
Both doing tummy-time. (And yes, this picture was posed - haha)

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