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May 03, 2011

2 Years Old!

Happy birthday blog! It's been two years since I started The Kavanaugh Report. This just started out as a distraction from studying for finals, and has turned into a way to keep in touch with people and a way to journal about our lives. I've really enjoyed blogging. I love having a record of all the great stuff Morgan and I have done over the past two years. Thanks for letting me share, and thanks for reading.

I've been continuously surprised at how many people read the blog, and keep coming back. Over the last year The Kavanaugh Report has had:

Number of Visitors: 2,041
From Number of States: 48 (If you know anyone from Montana or Idaho tell them to visit so we can make it an even 50)
From Different Countries: 18
Highest Number of Vistiors in a Single Day: 190
Percentage of Returning Visitors: 53.60%
Average Time on Site: 1:53 minutes

Thanks to everyone who visits, and I hope The Kavanaugh Report will be even more successful in the coming year!

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