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February 22, 2011

February Snow Storm

Yes, this is another post on the terrible winter weather we've been having. Seriously, can we get a break already?! This past Sunday and Monday we got another 12+ inches of snow. Ugh. We were finally seeing some grass and the sidewalks were actually down to concrete. I know I shouldn't have expected it to stay that nice, but I also wasn't expecting the biggest February snowstorm on record either. But, I guess that's life in Minnesota. When its nice out, its really nice. But when its crap, its totally crap. Now we are once again dealing with the cleanup from a massive storm. Poor Morgan was once again stuck doing all the shoveling/snow-blowing by himself. And I get stuck walking to work in the snow.

Front Yard - 9am on Sunday.
Back Yard - 9am on Sunday.
But don't worry - that snow will be gone soon (at least from the sidewalks) - because I reported every building that didn't shovel along my route to work to the city of St. Paul. The city has an ordinance which states that individuals and businesses must shovel the entire sidewalk down to the concrete within 24 hours of a snowfall, or else they are subject to fines. The city is pretty serious about this law, and will actually come and shovel if the business/individual doesn't after receiving a warning letter. Well lets just say I haven't been particularly nice about letting businesses off the hook this winter. Walking while pregnant is hard enough, let alone walking in a foot of snow.

Front Yard - 5pm on Sunday.
Back Yard - 5pm on Sunday.
If you also live in the city of St. Paul, I highly recommend reporting businesses/individuals that refuse to shovel. It makes everything so much easier on those of us that do take the time to clear the snow. You can report business/individuals here:

Front Yard - Aftermath Today. Morgan had to snow-blow 3 times.
Back Yard - Aftermath.

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