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Date Weekend

This weekend Morgan and I had an official "Date Weekend!" And it was AMAZING! We had kinda been slacking the last couple months, with the holidays and then Morgan's three weeks of sickness. But this weekend we had a long overdue weekend just for the two of us. It was perfect. And with only 5 (now 4!!) free weekends before Henry's due date I'm super happy we did it.

The weekend started off Friday night with a classic dinner and a movie date. First, we went to Chianti Grill in Roseville. I sort of have mixed feelings about the place. The atmosphere was really nice, like I told Morgan, it looks like how I would build my living room if I built a custom house. I was also pleasantly surprised that someone offered me their seat on the couch in the waiting area while we were waiting for our table. Being obviously pregnant has its perks! The food at Chianti Grill was pretty good, but not great. Sort of what I expected at a mid-priced place. The thing I really wasn't impressed with was the service. And I know that I could have just been our server, but they seemed to rush us. Our server must have asked us 3-4 times if we were ready to order (which we weren't), and then she must have asked 4-5 times if I wanted a box while I was clearly still eating. I have a feeling that it was just so busy, they like to turn tables quickly. So that was annoying, but otherwise we had a really good time.

Next we went to see a movie, The King's Speech. Morgan and I rarely go to the movies together for a couple reasons. One, there are very few movies that I'm willing to spend a ton of money to see. I'd rather wait 6-8 weeks and rent it at home for 1/4 of the price. Two, Morgan and I have very different taste in movies which makes it difficult to actually pick a movie. Morgan tends to like action, thrillers, or serious drama type movies, whereas I tend to prefer romantic, comedy, and light-hearted movies. But we do have a middle ground, that we both enjoy and that is the historical drama. Nerdy, I know, but when a good historical drama comes out, Morgan and I usually love them. So The King's Speech was perfect! And I have to say, as far as movies go, this movie was really really good! I loved it. It was so good I was able to sit through the whole movie without getting distracted or getting up to go to the bathroom, which at 33 weeks pregnant is pretty impressive. Plus Colin Firth...swoon...

Saturday, we slept in and spent the early part of the day unsuccessfully hunting for a cheap/used baby dresser. But after that the real fun started! First, Morgan and I went for a couples massage at Phresh Salon in St. Paul. Morgan had been there before for a massage, but it was my first time. It was also my first prenatal massage, and boy did it feel great! It certainly wasn't as satisfying as a normal massage, since they have to be a little more gentle, but I have had considerably less back pain since. Plus it was just so relaxing. 

Then, Morgan and I headed to Target Center to watch the Timberwolves play. This was the first non-baseball professional sporting event I have ever been to (crazy I know - we just didn't do that kind of thing when I was a kid, and I've been too poor to do it as an adult). I can't say it was a great experience, but I had fun just being with Morgan, and the Timberwolves actually won - which was impressive (for them!). I think my biggest problem with the game was all the breaks in the action, and the manufactured noise (which kept Henry pretty wild during the game). With baseball, it might be slower paced overall but they really don't stop as much. There's no half time to sit through, or breaks in between innings, or timeouts. They just play, and I like that. And the noise! Wow, maybe I'm just getting old and crabby, or too pregnant. But it was annoying. I don't want to listen to some crappy artificial clapping/howling/music all game long. But part of this might be that there are so few people that actually go to the games that they don't want it to be silent in the Target Center, I don't know. All I can say that going to another stadium really made me appreciate how awesome Target Field is. It was hard to go back to old bathrooms and crappy food. But I did have fun!
At my first professional basketball game. Looking like a hot mess - the massage did a number on my hair!
Right before the game, yes it was really that dead in there. Its pretty crazy how few people showed up on Saturday night. But it made our seats super cheap!
On Sunday, Morgan and I went to church in the morning and then headed to an "All about Babies" class. We basically learned (or reviewed) all the basics of taking care of a newborn. We got to practice swaddling, bathing, and diapering a baby with a baby doll. Our baby was named Rachel and got a nice bath from Morgan. It was also Morgan's first time learning how to put a diaper on/changing a diaper (even if it was totally clean and fake). So that was precious - he even came home and practiced on a teddy bear. We then went to Target (ok, this maybe was a necessity and not really date-like), where we got groceries for the week. After that we came home and cooked and ate dinner together. It was the perfect ending to an amazing weekend. do these posts always get so long?! Bravo to anyone that was actually able to read all that!


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