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January 04, 2011

Are you sleeping again?!

...zZzZzZZZzzZ. What?! Huh?! No! Not again...but really, yes, I'm sleeping again.

Morgan asked me this a couple days ago, and the answer was a resounding YES. What can I say, I've been extra sleepy lately. I'm not exactly sure of the cause of this new extra sleepiness, but I have some ideas. One, Ive been fighting off a small cold. Nothing major, really more annoying than anything. I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose but that's it (thankfully!). Its been lingering for a week now, so hopefully its on the way out. Second, "the social hangover". I heard this term the other day and I think it fits. Basically, the social hangover is the super tired feeling people have after the holidays from the disruption in their routines. It's all the late nights and busy days finally catching up to people. And like I mentioned before, this holiday season has been particularly rushed for Morgan and I. We have also kicked baby-planning up a notch. We have finally started to get the nursery cleaned out and somewhat organized. We also finally got around to registering for baby essentials and seriously thinking about the furniture we need to purchase. Third, third trimester of pregnancy. Over the last few weeks my quality of sleep has rapidly plummeted. I cannot seem to get comfortable no matter what. And IF I'm lucky enough to find a comfortable -  or at least tolerable - position, it wont last long since I have to get up to go to the bathroom so frequently. I can only hope these sleepless nights are preparing me for a newborn.

So I've become a master catnapper. I find 45 minutes to an hour of sleep is best for me (sometimes twice a day), and help me get through the day. Hopefully things will get a little better after my first two causes end, but until then you can find me snuggled up on the couch - snoozing...zZZzzzZzz

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