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Checking In

Woah. Suddenly its been 10 days since I've blogged. Not sure how that happened. I think I've been suffering from either a case of writers block or nothing blog-worthy has actually happened. Its probably a combination of the two.

We really haven't had much going on. I've been enjoying the finals-free December and trying to soak up as much Christmas as possible. Although, somehow I also managed to completely ignore all Christmas shopping to the last possible second, again. In the past, I've always blamed it on school but now I think it just may be a bad habit. So, Morgan and I continued our Mall-of-America-One-Day-Shopping-Extravaganza tradition - we're on year 4 now. Basically, we get up super early in the morning, go out to breakfast, head to the Mall of America, and force ourselves to stay there until ALL of our shopping is complete. We have actually come to kinda like this tradition. We expect ourselves to get kinda crabby by the end, but for the most part just go with the flow of the super busy mall. Thankfully, the Mall of America has everything and we never have to worry about not finding what we need. This year our trip was significantly shorter than normal because Morgan and I didn't need to purchase any gifts for one another. We did, however, finally stop at Best Buy that day and purchase our new camera (which as I think we have mentioned before was our Christmas gift to one another this year). 

Morgan and I enjoyed the expectant mother parking at Mall of America. I was happy I'm pregnant enough to use it, and Morgan was happy we got front row parking a week before Christmas!
 I LOVE our new camera! It is soooo nice. The picture quality is amazing compared to what we had before. And it checks off another purchase we needed to make before Henry arrives. Speaking of baby purchases Morgan and I made another big one a few days ago. We finally bought our stroller. We had been researching strollers for awhile and had pretty much decided that we wanted something small, lightweight, and versatile. We aren't really outdoorsy people, so we knew we didn't need something huge that could go hiking or something. Also, I wanted something light that I could take on a bus with me if I needed to. Finally, we wanted something smaller that could: one, fit in the trunk of our car; two, wouldn't take up a ton of space in our house; three, one that I could actually lift and open without needing help. Well after a few months of research, and ton of good reviews, we settled on the Bumbleride Flite. It is lightweight (only 13 pounds), yet still will hold most infant carriers, and was made to last. It has a ton of nice features, which I wont get into now, just cause that is super boring to everyone, unless you are currently in the market for a stroller. We were finally able to check it out in person and loved it! And the store just happened to be having a sale on it that day so we were able to get it for a lot less than we thought. Here it is...

Lets see what else have we been up to? Hmmm, I just scanned my phone-camera (and yes we have a fancy new camera, and yes that's right I don't have a single nice fancy picture to post - next post, I promise!) for ideas and this is what I came up with...

The cities continue to dig out from all the snow we've had. This has been the 3rd snowiest December on record. In the middle of the snow bank is a parking meter - so that gives you some sense of how much snow has already accumulated and how big the snowbanks have become.

Nettie got a haircut. So she is "pretty" and she knows it!

I made some more cookies. I stayed away from Martha's and stuck with my mom's recipe. Now, tonight I have to decorate them all. 
Well I think that's it for now. And if I'm not able to update again before Christmas - Merry Christmas!


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