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November 12, 2010

What's for Dinner?

This was a common question around the Kavanaugh family for a long time. We would sit around until we are both starving then look at each other and ask "what's for dinner?" Morgan and I would each stare blankly at the other, dig through the freezer/fridge, give up, and order something for dinner or go out. The same was true when we were shopping. We would go through the store, wandering aimlessly, and buy $200 worth of useless ingredients that never seemed to add up to a good meal.

If we did get our acts together enough to cook something it was usually frozen or boxed. Part of that we can blame on law school. Neither of us had any real motivation to cook dinner when we were getting home at between 7-8:30 pm after a full day of class and work. The other part of this we can blame is on shear laziness, and the fact that neither of us really love cooking.

Well now that law school is done, we really didn't have an excuse, or the money, to continue our old habits. So we decided we would start meal planning. We had tried meal planning in the past, but had never been able to stick to it since it was so much work. It required us to think of recipes, figure out what we needed, and actually have the cooking skills to execute. So these attempts were short-lived. This time I was determined that it would work out, so I googled "meal planning" to get some tips. And made our greatest discovery yet!

I discovered E-Mealz! An online meal planning site. It totally take all the guess work out of dinner, and all the work out of meal planning. It costs $5 a month and has been worth much more than that. Every week we get a list of dinners, specifically designed for 2 people. Our weekly menu includes how to make them, what we need, and how long they take. It also includes a great shopping list that breaks down what we need and groups the stuff according to sections in the grocery store!!

We have been using e-mealz for a few weeks now and it has been an amazing success. The meals are easy to cook, and are really really good. We actually look forward to coming home and eating, and plus we are saving a ton of money by not going out so much. So if you want to meal plan, I highly recommend checking them out!

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