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July 31, 2010

Done Done Done!

FINALLY! We are completely done!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe this day has finally gotten here. Morgan and I are completely done with law school and done with the bar exam. The results will be published in mid-October, so we can finally start to enjoy the things we used to without the guilt of homework or studying to weigh us down. And believe me, we are already starting to take full advantage of that. Over the last few days we have really enjoyed relaxing, spending the day sleeping in, and finally putting the last touches on our new place.

Best of all we have been able to see our friends again!! On Thursday we were able to go out to a birthday dinner with my great friend Kara, who I would not have made it through law school without, and our dogs. We had a great time introducing Lexi to the world of restaurants. Then yesterday, I was able to hang out with my sister in law Angie. We get together once a month to hang out and thankfully we squeezed July in at the last minute.  I had an awesome time, as always, but it was great not to have to worry about coming back to homework.

Hopefully, over the next few months we will be able to hang out with all of the friends we have neglected over the last three years. Its great to become social again, and rejoin the normal world. Morgan and I are also going to be doing some of the stuff we have missed out on over the last three years. Our first stop is going to be to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Science Museum of Minnesota. We have wanted to see this for the last several months and we finally have the opportunity. I also think its time to stop in at an ice cream store and get a summery treat, Morgan does know about this plan yet, but I think I'll be able to get him on board! 

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