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June 02, 2010

Moving Part 3

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Morgan and I are moving to a new house (See Moving Part 2). Well, we finally nailed down a moving date! We should be getting the keys around June 19. Unfortunately, Morgan has drill that weekend, so we wont be doing our big move until the 26th. But its all good, because then we will have plenty of time to clean the new place and move some over the smaller stuff.

Right now, I'm just super excited to get to the new place. I think its going to be a great fit for all of us. There is just something about knowing that your moving soon that makes you notice everything that isn't perfect with your apartment. And I'm totally at that stage now, I can't get out of here fast enough!

The porch has become box storage.
We have been packing a few boxes at a time, and most of our non-essentials are ready to go. That makes me pretty happy because I learned my lesson during my last move, when I stayed up almost all night finishing my packing (yikes). Thankfully, that wont happen this time (I'm determined!).

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