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April 24, 2010

Finals 2010

Finals are officially here (although I do have one more class, I have to take a quiz in it so I'm rolling that into my finals studying).

This semester, I only have one in-class final (for Secured Transactions), although its 4 hours long and going to need a ton of preparation. Then I have two take home finals, one for Business Entity Taxation, and one for Alternative Dispute Resolution. I have two weeks to finish both of those exams, which have to be between 10-15 pages long a piece. After I have finished those, I have to complete a paper for American Legal History. I have 25 pages written for the paper already (which is the minimum requirement) but still have a couple sections to write and some major editing to do. Hopefully this wont take me more than 2-3 days to finish. Finally, I have to finish up some hours for my internship.

Although this sounds like a ton of work (at least to me), I know it could be worse, so I'm not going to complain. Plus its the last time I'll ever have to deal with finals time! I plan on being done around May 14 so I wont be blogging much until then. I hope everyone enjoys the next few weeks, I'll be off living the law school dream. ;-)

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