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June 07, 2009

Summer School

This summer I'm taking a couple of classes. I'm taking income tax and a class on the fundamentals of business finance.

Income tax lasts a couple of months and I get 4 credits for it. I'm two weeks into it - which is like taking a month of classes during the semester. So far I like the class, but not the hours. It's from 8:30am -11:30am three days a week (Tuesday - Thursday). I didn't realize how much I had become accustomed to my late afternoon classes till I had to get up at 6:00am each morning. Its been a rough few mornings, but I think I'm finally starting to get used to it thanks mostly to Starbucks and their soy White Chocolate Mochas. Taking this class also means that I'm back to studying, reading, and all the other "fun" stuff that comes along with law school.

This schedule does have its perks, I get at least a 4 day weekend every week (this week its 5 since my professor scheduled an online class for Tuesday). Although, I'm starting to realize that the 4 days off is like having two normal weekends to prepare for the two weeks of class material ahead. But its not terrible, I still get to have some fun (mostly Sims 3 at this point).

The other class, the fundamentals of business finance, starts at the end of July when income tax is over. Its a one week, one credit, pass/fail class. It should be a fairly easy way to get a credit, which will help lighten my work load this fall.

Well...back to homework. Since I did nothing yesterday, I have at least 100 pages of reading to prepare for today. Yuck!

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