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Well, I survived another year of law school. Overall I feel pretty good about how the year went. I am really looking forward to working at the law firm, without having to worry about school. I think I will learn a lot this summer.

Today I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I'm surprised by how sore I get during finals time, sitting for 14+ hours per day, hunched over a computer, really starts to takes it toll. I don't remember being this sore at Boot Camp! OK, that's probably not true, but I really need a few days to recover. When I didn't shave for a week before my Corporations exam, and the bags under my eyes grew larger, I was shocked in the morning at how crappy I looked! I'm also sick of eating fast food. It's hard not to eat fast food during finals because there is so little time.

I have a PT test in June (PT Test: the Army requires me to remain in shape. Every six months I am tested in push ups, sit ups and a 2-mile run. I have to reach a minimum in each category to pass). I never have any problems with the push ups and sit ups, but the 2 mile is always tough if I'm not running every day. Next week I'll start running, but it may not be enough time to prepare. I don't even care, I've been so busy this past month. My plan is to get in shape by July. I am pretty much forced to because I am going to "WLC" this summer, which is "Warrior Leadership Course"; it used to be called "Primary Leadership Development Course" and is a 2-week leadership course for Sergeants. It is required if I want to get promoted to Staff Sergeant. (Quick Class: In the Army there are officers and enlisted. The officers are like the managers and the enlisted are like the workers. I am enlisted. When you enlist you start out as a "Private, E-1" and it goes all the way up to "Sergeant Major, E-9". Once you reach "Sergeant, E-5" you are considered a non-commissioned officer, and are given more responsibilities.) So, WLC is going to be like 2-weeks of Boot Camp; running, classes, sleep deprivation. A fun way to start the fall semester!

I am now a 3L!


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