Although I had a temporary breakdown at the beginning of our new sleep training plan, we have now successfully completed 10 nights of the plan! And a one word summary, SUCCESS! Henry's new sleeping stats:

Hours Asleep per Day: 13.6
Average Nighttime Sleep Length: 5:02
Average Daytime Sleep Length: 1:13
Longest Stretch of Sleep at Night: 11:03!!!
Average Number of Sleep Periods at Night: 2.1

Henry slept through the night, 8:30 pm -7:30 am, last night for the first time ever! It was amazing. I'm so happy for myself, and for Henry.

Honestly, this plan was a heck of a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. And was by far easier than our attempt at The No-Cry Sleep Solution. The first day was pretty difficult. Henry screamed and skipped naps, and got so worked up he threw up. At that point, I was ready to give up. But each day has been easier. Henry has gotten less and less upset.

By the third and fourth day Henry didn't even nurse at night. He just kept on sleeping. Every night, except last night, he woke up and cried. Usually for 20-30 minutes. But most nights, it was just "complaining" crying and I didn't even have to go into his room. Sometimes he was back to sleep before I even made it to his door.

I've been most surprised how easily he is going down at the beginning of the night. The last two nights there has been no crying when I put him down. He just rolls over to his belly and falls asleep!

Naps have been a different story. He is still fighting them. Usually by sitting an playing for quite awhile before falling asleep. Some days he has still cried for 30-40 minutes before falling asleep. But on average things are way better today than they were when we started. He is sleeping and he is falling asleep on his own.

We have altered a few things from the original plan to fit Henry's needs. First, we are trying to not let him get super super upset. The throwing up particularly was concerning to me, and according to the doctor is not a normal reaction. She believes it is related to his reflux. When he gets so worked up the screaming causes more reflux, and therefore he throws up. So to avoid this, the first few days (after the first) I stayed with him for a few minutes before leaving the room. This seemed to calm him and he went to sleep easier. Now he is doing so well I can just put him down and leave.

Another thing, I actually stayed OUT of his room for longer in the middle of the night. Hen seemed to be disturbed by the frequent checks while he was crying. They almost seemed to disrupt the rhythm he needed to fall back asleep. He would scream louder and harder while I was in there and after I left. Leaving him actually helped him fall asleep quicker and get less upset.

I feel great about where we are now. I'm sleeping better which is making me a happier and better Mom. Henry is sleeping better and is feeling better too during the day. Awhile ago, I came to the conclusion that Hen will never be a happy bubbly baby, and sleeping more has not changed this. He is just a serious little guy. But more sleep has meant less breakdowns, and more patience. He isn't flopping around on the floor screaming because he cannot get a toy to do what he wants, or because I took away my phone. And I think that makes me even happier than the sleep.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys, this is amazing progress!

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