No Cry Sleep Solution

We all know that Henry is a pretty crappy sleeper. Reflux created some terrible habits, and honestly he never slept well from day 1. So after a dismal attempt at letting him cry it out, we turned to the No Cry Sleep Solution.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I live tweeted during the night during the first 10 days, but I also wrote a little recap the morning after each night. Here are my thoughts:

1. Motivated, motivated, down right motivated. Hen made it until 1:45 am in his bed, for the first time in months! We can do this.

2. Sleep training sucks. I'm exhausted. Phase 1 rocking/putting down/picking up for 1:47 minutes. He slept for 27 minutes. Good news, he was in his crib until 3:15 am.

3. Henry slept in his crib all night! Included 3:15 minute stretch! This is doable, but hard work. Stay consistent, but flexible.

4. Note to self: sleep with your hair pulled back - otherwise it's a distraction. Rough start to the night, only two hour stretches. Long awake periods in between. But Hen calmer when put down, and less mad when waking up.

5. Started out awesome - two 2 hour stretches. But then everything fell apart. Why does he hate sleeping so much? Being wide awake at 5 am is his new thing, I hate it.

6. Pretty much all motivation is gone. Nighttime is pure torture. I'm staying strong, I will win this war. But I certainly lost last night's battle.

7. All I can say is 4.5 hour stretch!

8. Worst night yet. But in Hens defense he did cut two teeth, and did a 4.5 hour stretch. Too bad he was awake for four hours total. It's 1 step forward 6 steps back.

9. Not to terrible. I'm not sure if it felt good because last night was so bad, or if it was really a good night. But it was what I needed to stay sane. I could have done without the 6:20 am -7:40 am wake/wanting to cuddle/don't-you-dare-leave-my-side-or-I'm-gonna-lose-it time, but I'm trying to pick my battles.

10. Took until 12:30 to finally get a stretch longer than one hour. And he was up super early. But we made it - 10 days down.

We're on day 15 now. Improvement has been slow. But I'm staying strong, and I'll keep you updated.


  1. I went back to work when my son was 12 months old. It was him nursing through the night that kept my milk supply up. I found it much easier to continue breastfeeding over getting up to fix a bottle in the night and all that goes with that. My wife watched him when I was at work, and she only fed her when he asked, so he usually only fed her an hour before I got home. Looking back on it, it worked perfectly. It's just my experience, hope this helpful for someone neeeded


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