Prune Juice

It's been a rough two weeks around here. I've mentioned this a couple of times here, but Henry has had problems with painful gas sine he was a couple of days old. We used gas drops to try to elevate his pain, but they only worked for a little while. Things continued to get worse for Henry, and therefore for us, as time went on. Basically, anytime Henry needed to fart/poop he would spend up to a couple of hours screaming in pain, grunting, pushing and turning red. The poor little guy was really uncomfortable. And unfortunately for all of us Henry was still pooping between 4-7 times a day. So we assumed it was just gas and tried to deal with the screaming. We learned some soothing techniques that made it easier for Henry.

Well about 10 days ago, these episodes got so bad, that Henry basically did nothing but try to poop/fart. He was miserable, we were miserable, and no one was sleeping. We called Henry's doctor, to see if this was normal, and what we could do. The doctor called back and said that it sounded as if Henry had a "touch of colic." She said there was nothing we could do, suggested I buy a wrap to wear him when he was crabby, and that we would just have to wait it out. She also suggested I give up all diary, chocolate, caffeine, and raw veggies. Apparently these are common triggers of intestinal issues in breastfed babies. She said he would outgrow it within a month or two. But to Morgan and I this explanation didn't really make sense. Henry was totally happy when he didn't have to poop. He smiles, coos, plays, and sleeps after he poops. But she is the doctor so we accepted this diagnosis and geared up for a long few weeks/months.

Last Thursday, Henry was struggling with his same issues, but finally pooped! I went to change his diaper, and there was blood in his poop. This was obviously alarming to me and Morgan. So we called the doctor, and got an appointment. At the doctor, Henry was having a difficult time trying to poop, and the doctor got to see how much work it was for him to poop. After an exam she diagnosed Henry with internal constipation which caused a blood vessel to burst. Basically, he has to work really hard to move the poop, but by the time it makes it's way all the way out it looked normal so we didn't suspect constipation.

She said we should give Henry up to an ounce of prune juice a day to help things to get moving. She also said I should continue to not eat the tigger foods. So I continuned my new diet, and Henry started getting prune juice along with continuing his gas drops.

After a few days, Henry has shown great improvement! He has pooped a couple of times without any straining and without needing any soothing. Hopefully things will continue to get better. As soon as things are under control, I can start slowly introducing foods again and hopefully he will tolerate them.



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